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    WebEx to WMV to Premier and back to WMV

      Our company is heavily invested in the WebEx online meeting platform and we record all of our meetings in the WebEx format. We are able to convert the WebEx meetings into a very good quality WMV format. However, if I want to edit out pieces of the WMV file, I have been using Premier CS3 to do that.

      However, I have had trouble finding the right settings to get a small enough file format out of Premier and still maintain my crystal clear text. Since the WebEx meetings are pretty much PowerPoints with audio, I have tried setting my Windows Media Encoder to do VBR and VBR. If use CBR with anything less than 512kbps, then the text crispness fluctuates. If I use VBR, then I need to keep the quality up at 75% for it to work. I only use a frame rate of 5fps because my slides are very static.

      The problem that I run into is that the resulting file is always much bigger than the original WebEx file. This means that there must be some setting I can change to get a better quality file out without the huge file size. I found that changing the FPS did not affect the file size which was disapointing.