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    Exported Movie does not play in Mobile Phone

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      One reason I upgraded to Premiere Pro CS3 (Windows Vista) is that you can bring up the Adobe Medie Encoder and directly export 3GPP files that may be viewed in mobile phones.

      I exported a sequence and I chose the H.264 option in the Adobe Media Encoder, using the PAL source preset.

      However, the generated 3GPP file will not play on my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson W880i, a relatively new model). When I looked at some of the other information, the video codec that the encoder uses is "MainConcept H.264". Could this be the reason my file does not play on my phone? I guess my phone knows nothing whatsoever about "MainConcept".

      This is in contrast to a $35 utility I bought (Xilisoft 3GPP Video Converter). When I convert an AVI to 3GPP using this utility it plays fine on my mobile. The frame rate, bit rate etc. are all very similar. The only obvious difference I can see is the reference to MainConcept.

      Any ideas?