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    Writing on surfaces in a video?

      Hi i am trying to re-create an effect that I have seen in the opening credits of some movie. basically the shots were of a city scape from a helicopter. closeups on building surfaces showed writing on the walls - the credits for the movie. The effect was that it was obvious the writing isn't there in real life, but had been added in during editing.

      What I want is a similar effect in premier pro cs3. surely there is a way to distort the title slide so that it appears to be written on a surface in the background video?

      Another related option that I would like a tutorial on is how to set anchor points so that as the background shot moves the text will stay "in place" on that surface. I guess this would be done by setting anchor points and moving them around frame by frame to follow the video, but i have no idea how to do that.

      Can anyone help please?