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    Taking Pictures From Video

      I need to be able to quickly go through around 30 minutes of video and select different frames and grab about 200 screencaps in .jpg form. I do this on a weekly basis. I've always used Windows Movie Maker because it has a camera icon that you simply click on when you find a frame you wish to save as a .jpg. Very convenient, but I'd like to be able to do something similar in Premiere Pro CS3
      The only options I see right now are to go to File_>Export->Frame and then I don't get a .jpg, only enormous sized bitmap. And since this is for web publication...it sucks. I would have to spend hours going through all those motions just to get the 200 pics. Then I would have to change the resolution and file format. I can't seem to find anything on Premiere Pro CS3 that allows me to change those setting so I can choose my own dimensions and file format. So I'm stuck with a bitmap at the same size as the original vid. I need them smaller than that.
      Does anyone know if there is a plug in that would enable Premiere Pro CS3 to have an easy interface like Movie Maker has for grabbing screencaps AND outputting them in a .jpg form instead of bitmap? My Movie Maker (like so many others) is crapping out on me and it seems like my new $800 software should be able to do what my free windows software did...and even better.
      Please help! Thanks.