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    Downloading purchased software

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      I opted to purchase the download version of Premiere Pro CS3.

      When I login to my account on the Adobe Site, I am given the option to download the software, which requires an ActiveX downloader control to be installed and used.

      The ActiveX control works (Vista) in itself because I am able to use it to download trial software.

      Hoever, for my purchased software, the download link just keeps going in a circle, asking me to login to my account the moment there's any danger of the the thing actually being downloaded.

      This appears to be a Vista issue, as I was able to get the download on another PC (XP). This was a pain in the neck, however, as I did it via Remote Desktop and it took an age to get my purchased software.

      I did all the usual stuff about enabling cookies and followed the ActiveX browser configuration instructions faithfully, without success.