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    No audio (only video) on external DV device when playing timeline

      I have recently switched from using Premiere 1.5 to Premiere CS3, two days ago.

      Before I installed the new Premiere CS3 software, I had the basic DV configuration for my system.

      Sony MINI DV deck--talks to computer via firewire
      --talks to output monitor via RCA cables

      Computer--talks to Sony MINI DV deck (via same firewire)
      --talks to external HD
      --external standard computer speakers

      I was editing on Premiere 1.5 and this enabled me to capture as well as playback the timeline, so that the timeline would show up in my Sony MINI DV deck (as well as output monitor, if turned on) and I could record onto MINI DV tapes.

      I just installed Premiere CS3 two days ago and have not changed anything in my setup configuration. I WAS not able to get video until I clicked on the record monitor and changed my playback settings. NOW I can see the timeline play back in my Sony MINI DV deck and I can record onto a MINI DV BUT now I still do not have any Audio.

      I have played with the various possibilities in the "playback settings" dialogue box but I am still unable to hear any audio on the MINI DV deck, nor on the tape when I play it back.