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    Odd paths in capture window

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          Just upgraded to CS3, and noticed a behavior that never occurred in 1.5.1.

          When setting up a new project and designating scratch disks, the first capturing I do right after starting shows the correct paths for captured audio and video, both of which I have set to "same as project."

          But when opening a previously started project, the path now has a "\\?" inserted before the disk name. Scratch disks with a fixed destination are fine, but if the drop down says "same as project," the path below now reads "\\?d:\folder\project name" instead of "d:\folder\project name" as it does the first time I capture.

          Am I making sense? Anybody else come across this, and is it really an issue?

          Obviously searches on the online help, wiki and FAQ turned up nothing or else I wouldn't have posted. Thanks in advance...

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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            If you are not experiencing any problems then chances are good it's not an issue. Adobe may well be using the "\\?" as some kind of internal indicator.


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