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    Problem With Output?

      Hey guys, having a big problem need a hand if possible

      Every time i try to output my movie i get an error to do with virtual memory, now the files im playing around with are large res, 1280x720 so it will be a big job but my computer is more then capable of running this process i would of thought!

      As you will see in this first error, i get a possible way to get around this problem, but i have tryed doing this and it will not work


      it then follows with this next error, and eventually it then crash's out


      any help would be great!


      Version: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Windows 3.0
      Computer Specs
      Conroe 6600 @ 2.4Ghz
      4GB of DDR2 @ 600Mhz
      8800GTs 640MB