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    Where is SteadyMove?

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      Just installed Premiere CS3... can't find the 2d3 SteadyMove plugin effect anywhere... anyone know where it is? Please tell me they included it in CS3.
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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          >Just installed Premiere CS3... can't find the 2d3 SteadyMove plugin effect anywhere... anyone know where it is? Please tell me they included it in CS3.

          Unfortunately, it is in the Premiere Pro 2.0 box. No SteadyMove for CS3.

          If you try to install the version that came with PPro 2.0, please post back and let us know what happens.
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            I think it is absolutely ridiculous the Adobe would update Premiere Pro and leave out SteadyMove. It is one thing if they mentioned it on their "update" page, but I read just about everything about CS3 and didn't see it mentioned anywhere.

            Anyway, since I do have Premiere CS2, I was able to install steadyMove from that installation CD into PPCS3. You must fully uninstall the 2d3 SteadyMove from you "Add/Remove Programs" list in your Control Panel first, before reinstalling it. After the reinstall, you will find it under the 2d3 folder in your effects list inside of Premiere.

            There seems to be a lot of ranting and bad-mouthing going on here on the CS3 forums. I have tried hard to stay overall positive about the direction Adobe has taken with Premiere, but with everything thus far, I have to say, I am slowly jumping on the "dissapointed" bandwagon.
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              Eddie Lotter Level 4

              SteadyMove was a "registration incentive", it was never "part of the product".


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                SteadyMove has come with PPro since...1.0 - I think....I always remember it being on the CD or DVD...
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                  Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                  This is interesting I would like to have it or be able to purchase it but I understand it is not yet ported to the Mac platform.

                  It is good to have such a plug in even if one has to purchase it. I guess I will just have to purchase another like it that does work for the Mac.

                  BTW it kind of seems fair to me that a developer gives you chance to see the value in their work with the expectation that if they win your confidence you will purchase the software.

                  But maybe I am misguided! For being reasonable!
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                    TradeWind Level 3
                    SteadyMove was included on the install discs. It did not require registration to receive the plug-in in PPro 1.x and 2.0.

                    That being said, and assuming it will work...go to www.steadymove.com and select the FAQ link on the right. There will be a listing for "Can I get a copy of SteadyMove for Premiere Pro, since it didn't come with my CD." Click that link and follow along to receive the plug-in if you either lost your old one or never received it in a previous version (educational, pre-"Pro" designation, or new to PPro).

                    It is Adobe's prerogative whether to include 3rd party products such as these (especially since this version of SteadyMove is not the "full" version) but it seems that the real issue might be that the 2d3 people weren't willing to pay the fees to have it included on the installation this time around. Honestly, how much money did 2d3 receive from people upgrading from SteadyMove to the full SteadyMove Pro? Most people on these boards testified to only needing the free version. As such, 2d3 may have said "no thanks" to paying to have SteadyMove included this time. It's not always Adobe's fault for stuff like this :)
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                      Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
                      I think they are correct and if you like the software you want that company to stay in business and be healthy so they will keep developing the product so it will work with future versions of PPro.

                      Of course some of you may have very different prospective.:)
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                        Curiously, 2d3's website states the following: "Please note that SteadyMove is not compatible with Premiere Pro CS3." No mention of it not being yet available or such. Maybe I'm reading too much into their wording, though.

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                          That's funny, I installed it off the PPRO 2.0 disk and it seems to work fine.

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                            Jeff Bellune Level 5
                            SteadyMove Pro is not compatible with CS3. The version bundled with PPro 2.0 *does* work with CS3.

                            Unfortunately, since SMP is no longer bundled with Premiere Pro, I think 2d3 has dropped "Pro" from the name, as the only version currently available is the expensive full version of SteadyMove.
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                              That being said, could other plugins, such as aspect filters, etc be installed the same way. I have 4.3 and it does not get recognized with CS3. I find the engines work fine with CS3 and are not required to run realtime. I don't want to upgrade to Aspect 5.0 unless I have to

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                                Even the pro version of Steadymove is not working for premier Cs3. That sucks, Adobe and 2d3 should get any solution to this. The funny part is that in After effects Cs3 steady moves works fine. I paid for this plug in cause is the way that I only had to fix those shaky moves from the camera inside premier not After Effec........
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                                  TradeWind Level 3
                                  Unfortunately for people in your boat, it will be almost entirely up to 2d3 developers to fix this if they want to retain customers. Adobe has only a limited role to play in the development of 3rd party plugins...Adobe provides the documentation to interested 3rd parties but they can't force development.

                                  I don't even see anything on the 2d3 site that states that development for PPro CS3 compatibility is in the works...that doesn't bode well.
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                                    I just received an e-mail from the steadymove people and says

                                    Hello Jose,

                                    At the moment SteadyMove Pro is not supported under nay of the CS3
                                    products. The fact that it works under After Effects and not Premier is
                                    purely coincidental. We try our best to keep up with Adobe's releases
                                    however we cannot guarantee that existing versions of SteadyMove will
                                    work with new Adobe releases unless it is specifically stated that the
                                    version is supported in the SteadyMove required specification.

                                    Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 has only very recently been released. In order to
                                    ensure that SteadyMove is supported in CS3, development work will be
                                    required. We are hoping to release a SteadyMove upgrade in the coming
                                    months. We have now also tried to make it as clear as possible on our
                                    web site that SteadyMove is not supported under CS3 in addition the to
                                    existing required specification information.

                                    Kind Regards
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                                      I dunno, it seems to work fine in Premiere Pro CS3 for me.
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                                        Jeff Bellune Level 5
                                        > I dunno, it seems to work fine in Premiere Pro CS3 for me

                                        SteadyMove Pro? Or just the version that was bundled with Premiere Pro version 1.x or 2.0?
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                                          I know for sure that Pro version is not working (you are not able to render or exprot) with Cs3 if another version of steady move works perfectly please report.

                                          I know that Boris people with the BCC5 CS3 version are having issues with their motion stabilizer filter too.
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                                            I fortgot to mention the pro version still working in After Effects at least.
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                                              I just installed Steady move from Premiere Pro 2.0 into CS3 and it installed and worked just like in 2.0. Took some clips and it took the shake. I had to unistall it from 2.0 and then reinstall into 3.0 and it seems to work fine.
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                                                fredou_79 Level 1
                                                If you have AE, you can use the Tracker to stabilize your shots, or you can use the SteadyMove plug-in, which works in AE. It's not supposed to, but it does.

                                                It's supposed to be more complicated, but works better then 2d3...

                                                With Bridge switching from AE to PP3 is not so much a big deal....