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    Syncing & Multi Cam Help

      I am very new to premiere pro cs3 having just come away from Pinnacle Ultimate which I got on very well with.

      I have downloaded some stuff from linda.com which is very helpful but am having problems with multi cam & syncing.

      I recently shot several bands using 3 cameras, 2 x Sony Z1s & a DV camera. The 2 sonys had time codes stamped onto the tapes & the DV didn't. I'm not however using any of the timecodes as they don't seem to match up, we synced up to start but during the night used 4 tapes each & the time codes were different.

      Only one of the cameras recorded decent quality audio & I am trying to use this cameras audio as the main track.

      However in premiere I just don't get the syncing, what to do to get the 3 camera tracks synced.

      I am ultimately trying to get this lot synced & then using the multi cam window put together like that.

      Sorry this is a bit long winded but hopefully someone has followed this & can help me oit or point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          I would use the audio to sync with. Even though only one camera had audio usable for the project, each should have audio sufficient for syncing. Find something explosive, like a snare or kick drum, in each track, and move the clips around so they match.
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            THere is no magic here - you have to visually sync them up or with audio cues. Then you get to do it again each time you change tapes. More than likely, you'll have overlapping clips, so once you nail a clip, lock it down.
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              Level 1
              I get that I have to sync the tracks up but what's the best way to do this as ultimately this is all being viewed as a multicam track.

              So for example the track on Timeline 1 is my main audio track & the tracks on Timelines 2 & 3 are out by a few milliseconds.
              Is my only option to manually move them along the time line before switching back to the timeline final sequance to see if that has worked?

              Also on this subject from the 3 timelines is there a way to change which of the tracks I take the audio from, at the moment it seems to be that whichever track I put on the audio 1 timeline (under multicam sequance) becomes the main audio & I can't find a way to switch this?

              Thanks for the replies so far.
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                Jeron Coolman Level 1
                "So for example the track on Timeline 1 is my main audio track & the tracks on Timelines 2 & 3 are out by a few milliseconds."

                Did you capture the clips using PPro CS3? I couldn't get ANY of my HDV multi-cam clips to synch at all if I captured through PPro CS3. I had to use another program to capture, then all was well. You'd synch up the clips, they'd look ok by the synch points, but eventually they would all "drift apart".

                Also, the waveform display for HDV multi-cam clips is flaky. Most of the time PPro CS3 just refuses to display it.