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    No image in capture window

      I have a minor capture issue I can't seem to figure out with PR CS3, and I also can't find reference to it on this forum. Any help would be appreciated.

      The problem is this: When capturing HDV, I don't see the image in the capture window (nor is audio output from the computer). Instead, I get a graphic that reads "playing on video hardware" in that window. The image and sound are available to me through my deck (Sony HVR-M15U) and the attached monitor. But I'm curious why it doesn't show in the capture window. I've tried a variety of video playback options in the settings menu to no avail.

      This isn't a catastrophic problem. I can still capture, and I can monitor image and sound video the hardware. But it's a minor annoyance to me that I'd like to fix if possible. Any ideas? Thanks,