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    Adobe: Please get some real customer service

    pmasters8941 Level 1
      Well, today has kinda sucked hard for me. I called Adobe to find if new serials will be issued to DVRack and Ultra2 users or if a patch will be made available so that we can activate inside Vista and was met with a "rep" from India. Seriously, this dude didnt speak English very well nor could he read from his scripts very well either. He had NO CLUE about either product or the names that replaced them.

      So I ask for an order tracking and he says he's unable to do that. Then he puts me on hold and says he will find out when I will get my package (notice I didnt say I gave him my order number)and he returns and says my package should be here tomorrow. I ask him how the hell would he know that without having my name nor my order number and he said he was a good guesser. I kid you not. What a maroon.

      So I call back and get an American this time (thank God) and they said that they will NOT be issuing a patch nor new serial numbers for previous owners and that IF we want to activate inside Vista, we must buy new versions of the product and when I reminded him that neither was sold separately nor could be upgraded separately, he then provided me with the two suite upgrades.

      Seriously? So Adobe has basically told past Serious Magic customers to piss off? I am an Adobe customer but also was a Serious Magic customer. So now I have 2 licenses for DVRack and one for Ultra2 that I cannot use in Vista and Adobe doesnt seem to care.

      It doesnt help either when someone who doesnt speak or comprehend the language correctly is trying to be the first level of customer interaction.
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