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    Workflow suggestions

    fredou_79 Level 1

      I have a big project file using 37 nested timelines on which I've reordered my 37 tapes (which were batch captured via AspectHD hence lost timecode) to get a substitute for timecode and to be able to resynch my audio which was recorded separately on 2 tracks (one mono the other stereo).

      Because of the "low system memory" that having big nested timeline and lots of media in a project, I'm obliged (after trying about everything to keep my workflow that way) to take another direction by separating my project into reels, and to do so, I must undo my nested timeline since the film wasn't shoot in scene order so are my timelines (tapes) out-of-order...

      But this cause many problems pertaining the lost of clips resynchronization with it's audio tracks that are separated files. I don't want to have to resynch medias every time I drop something on the timeline... :(

      Since the camera stereo track plus the recorded audio mono and stereo tracks need to stay on 3 separates tracks, I guess that I can't export clips with that much audio tracks linked in to compress the 3 files of each takes into one file that keeps the tracks info intact...!?

      I've though of re-aligning takes in scenes order on nested sequences so that when I fragment my project file I can have the clips resynched in fewer nested timelines. But that would take a very very long too long time to do, so I would prefer finding another alternative...

      I've thought that since long complicated nested timelines cause problem I could have each clip nested in a small timeline with its 2 audio track, there would be a huge amout of very small clips (nested sequence) that I could edit with. I'd then fragment the project file into smaller reel. Or would this be worse or as worse for the system memory ? I would still have to retype my editing log to put it into scene order.

      anyone got suggestion as to how I could establish anothe workflow to keep my video synch with my recorded audio files and still been able to fragment the project into smaller reels ?

      Thank you.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          You could export each timeline to a new Cineform AVI. Then use the new files in a new project.

          If you need to go back to the original project to make a change, then so be it. Export again and replace the clip.

          You might even want to copy the original project into a total of four or more projects, and then delete all but 1/4 of the sequences in each one. That will make it easier to work with I think.

          Remember, one of the advantages of Cineform is the very, very low generation loss.
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            fredou_79 Level 1
            What about audio track any ways I could have my 3 tracks kept synch with my footage ?

            So far I'm thinking of doing what you've said but I'll need to keep the nested sequences which is what's allowing me to have my 2 sound channels synched with my footage.
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              If you replace nested sequences with clips created from those sequences, what's the problem?

              I am merely suggesting that you move the nested sequences to a different project, and use the resulting exports instead.

              Any changes that need to be made can be made in the original sequences and exported again.
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                fredou_79 Level 1
                My nested sequences have 3 audio tracks (2 stereos and 1 mono) which needs to stay intact. I don't see how I could export clips without compressing the tracks together; that's the problem I'm facing...

                I think I'll fragment the original but will keep link to original media, cause I don't have enough space to double my media by doing exports.