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    Analogue Video Capture Not possible with CS3

    Miles Johnston Level 1
      Using the Premier Pro 1.5 Matrox RTX Xtreme Pro 100 Card, which gave so many problems with Field order in PAL. ( A true nightmare), having upgraded to CS3, I have no ability to injest analogue video. In Dual Core PC.

      I had 4 track Audio on DV, and could not injest the 3rd and 4th tracks via firewire, so I had to injest using Premier Pro 1.5, via analogue. Then transfer the files into CS3.

      I needed to injest all 4 audio tracks, but couldn't. I was stuck with stereo on Audios 1, and 2 only, in the SD Domain. I gather I may have been able to do that in HD.

      But it was an SD shoot, combining other material from an XL2 Canon.