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    Strange problem after rendering!

      Hi guys , could you help me please? my system is Premiere Pro CS3, Win Vista32, 2gb Ram , integrated ATI xpress 200m with 128mb (with the last drivers), core2duo 1.8.
      My problem is the following: after importing an AVI 640x480 30fps clip shot with my sony digital camera t20, i add it to the timeline, i play it and it works fine but right after rendering it , it jumps and flick. It also plays fine with windows media player so i was wondering why !!?!??
      Are my setting of the project correct? I used DV NTSC 48khz project, but dont think that is something about these settings right? could it be main settings of premiere? i also read that some people had problems using the same graphic card 200m with premiere and vista,could the problem be connected with it?
      thanks in advance if you can help...