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    Auto paint a path?

      Hi, I'm new to Premiere Pro CS3. I want to generate an animation showing the path my character traveled from point A to point B. For example, let's say I traveled by car from Chicago to San Francisco. I have my map of the USA in the background. Now, I want to show my driving path with a red line from Chicago to San Francisco. They do this kind of animation all the time, e.g., Indiana Jones, even in "Borat".

      How do you do this in Premiere Pro? Or should I be doing this in After Effects?

      Thanks much.
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I know this has been discussed before (but I don't have the message link) and I **think** the response was there is an existing tutorial for this (but I don't remember which tutorial site)

          So... check these places



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            I could only find one tutorial -- the one in the digital video site. That tutorial seems to solve the route animation problem in a convoluted way. First, draw it in PhotoShop. Second, import it into Premiere Pro, third, draw the path with a pen tool, and then fourth, use the gradient wipe.

            I was hoping it could be done directly in Premiere Pro. At the very least, a secondary app (e.g., PhotoShop, After Effects) could do it and then all one has to do is import that finished animation as a Quicktime clip into Premiere Pro, without requiring any more steps beyond putting the QT clip into the timeline.
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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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                Thanks for the link. Wow, a simple google search. Why didn't I think of that??? LOL!

                Anyway, I looked them over. I do appreciate your help and I am in no way trying to minimize your assistance or efforts. The tutorials and forum discussions in that link use a third party program to animate the route. I don't want to buy another program. Anyway, here's "my" problem:

                I've done this before using Bauhaus Mirage's AutoPaint feature and iMovie. I created the animation in Mirage. Nothing fancy. I used a big map as my background and then specified a path, which, when keyframed, painted along the path with the pen width and pen color of my choice. I then created a QT file, imported that into iMovie, and then just placed it in the timeline. I am used to this easy and reasonably seamless method of creating this route/map animation. The problem is: I can't use Mirage anymore because of its dongle's incompatibility with my Intel duo core iMac.

                So, I bought the Adobe CS3 Production Premium, thinking it could do everything Mirage and iMovie can...and more!

                So, that's where I'm at: trying to learn Adobe's suite of admittedly great programs by trying to at least duplicate with Premiere Pro what I did using what I consider to be a "lesser" editing program (iMovie).

                I want to know if Premiere Pro can do my route animation by itself. Or, do I use After Effects?

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                  Take a look at this:

                  - Aanarav
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                    Jim_Simon Level 9
                    >I want to know if Premiere Pro can do my route animation by itself.

                    I think no.
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                      akribie Level 2
                      It is possible to do this by using a graduated line mask as a wipe generator covering the line on the map that you want to reveal. PhotoShop allows you to fade along a line, which is how to create the mask. Then use an image wipe transition to animate.

                      Much better to use the write-on effect in After Effects.
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                        mike velte Level 1
                        Premiere has the Write-on effect.
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                          I did it!

                          Just some digging and time and I got my answer. Mike velte was right. There's a Write-On effect under video effects>image control. It's great. But there's ONE annoying problem:

                          for all the points where you want to place the keyframe points (e.g., start, end), you have to specify the (x,y) position NUMERICALLY. It becomes an exercise in trial-and-error to place your keyframe points on the program monitor in exactly the location you want. I wish allowed you to place and manipulate keyframe splines ON the program monitor itself. Something as visual as this, it's rather cumbersome to enter numerical position data.

                          But, at least now I know I can do it in Premiere Pro alone!!! (you can also do it in After Effects but I haven't actually tried it there yet)
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                            akribie Level 2
                            Ah. You must have a later Premiere than mine!

                            The INFO palette will read out X and Y if that is the only way to work.
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                              Hi Jay--

                              I've got some good news for you: you aren't required to position the X,Y coordinates numerically. You can do it graphically in the program monitor.

                              To do this, you have to click the "Direct-select icon" to the left of the effect name in the Effect Controls panel. (The icon looks like a square with a node in each corner.) When in direct-select mode, you can click the anchor point in the Program monitor and make your changes by dragging the mouse.
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                                Thanks Jeff!

                                Boy. This is a great forum. From personal experience (based on feedback I get), it's as good as Apple's and the great guys over at Bauhaus Mirage. Although I haven't found a forum as good as Apple's.

                                I love Adobe!