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    Premiere CS3  and Aspect Conflict

      I recently bought an XtremeLaptop computer and want to add Aspect HD to Premiere CS3, however I get a conflict between the two that I can not solve. Using a JVC 250 camera I can capture and edit in native CS3 just fine, but when I capture using the CineForm presets the audio is about a second behind the video.
      Also half the time I fire up Premiere I get a DEP warning and it shuts down. When I uninstall Aspect that goes away.
      I tried capturing in HDLink but that program just freezes. I am capturing on a 1TB Lacie drive which is actually 2 500 GB drives in a zero raid....using a pci-Xpress card with an e-sata connection so the drive is certainly fast enough.
      Aspect HD does not like something on this computer but I have taken everything off but Premier and Aspect and I still have the problem. I am using Vista but the Cineform people say that Aspect works fine on Vista.
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          Jeron Coolman Level 1
          Can we assume you are running the latest version of AspectHD?

          The Cineform people are usually pretty good at helping with problems like this. Have you filed a trouble ticket with them?

          I've never been able to get HDLink to capture properly, but if you capture with another capture program and use HDLink to convert the files to the Cineform codec, that usually works. Have you tried that?