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    Titler Glacial!

      I have Adobe CS3 Master Collection, and the previous version of Adobe Production Studio, both existing on this machine:

      Win XP Pro SP2
      Woodcrest Dual Core Dual Processors
      6 GB RAM
      4 TB RAID HD

      In the previous version, titler worked fine. In CS3, the titler works fine, I can change fonts, styles, etc., it is now just painfully slow in loading. Once I have it up on my monitor....no problems....but it takes a full minute to load, compared with 3-4 seconds before.

      Same fonts, same system. I know corrupt font issues have been blamed in the past but I have scanned my system for such.

      Any ideas, and tx!
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          I am not sure about the load times, but there are significant UI problems with the CS3 titler.

          - Aanarav
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            shooternz Level 6
            I leave the Titler up as a docked window full time but loading is not an issue. No problems.

            Oh... BTW... MAC CS3

            Have you checked for any driver issue?
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              Hi I had a severe problem with Fonts, it kept crashing when I wanted to change a font on a new title. My problem was narrowed down to this font: Asian Dings.ttf. After I removed it font list loaded in 3-4 seconds. It was the only font out of thousands that gave me the problem. I still see part of a semi transparent square outline just outside the font list. I think because the titler shows a thumbnail preview of all the fonts that it takes quite a bit of memmory. In all the other Adobe products the problem does not happen probably because the Font thumbnail preview isn't as big. Adobe should make the fonts show in the list as you scroll and not to be loaded all at once if possible. This may help increase performance yours and the program ;)