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    Problem with exporting project to encore

      first - i`m from Poland and my english is not perfect so sorry when I make a mistake :)

      yesterday i upgraded my premiere 6.5 to CS3 with encore of course. earlier i made a project with trial version of CS3. so, today I opened this project with my new CS3. everything is ok, expect one thing. when i choose a export to encore and encore is starting everything is ok :)) but when I choose "build dvd" encore shows me a message something like "encore cannot build a dvd becouse a data rate in this project is wrong.please adjust it in settings" - something like that :) and when i click on settings in window to build a dvd...encore is closing itself and i`m back in windows :/ I don`t know what to do with it :/ my computer is: Intel Dual Core E4300, 2GB RAM, Ati Radeon x1600 and Matrox RT.X2...is it fault of the computer or adobe?? please help if someone know what to do.