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    Dual Head Graphics Card with HD TV Out

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      I know that a number of the contributors to this forum are using or have used the Matrox Parhelia (PH-E128APVF) video card for editing HDV with Premiere. I am thinking about purchasing one of these in order to use the dual head display for my work space in Premiere and also use the 1080i component out for previewing projects in full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). I have a few questions that I am hoping those who have used this card might comment on.

      According to the Matrox web site this graphics card comes with a plug-in for Adobe Premiere which I assume allows previewing the work space program monitor on an external HD TV.

      If so, does this eliminate the program monitor panel in Premiere's work space providing more room for other work space panels?

      If one is working with SD DV projects is it necessary to change the component out resolution settings in Premiere in order to preview the timeline on the external HD monitor?

      Does this card function properly with PP CS3?

      128 MB of on-board memory seems a bit low. Are there other Matrox cards that perform the same function with more memory (I am not looking for a capture card, just display graphics)?

      Are there any other non-Matrox, comparably priced, graphics cards that provide this functionality ($300 - $400)? If so, perhaps you can pass on the make/model info.