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    HELP ! Missing Sound

      I just spent two weeks compiling a video shot with my Sony HDR-SR5 in 1080p and converted to MPEG2 from Sony's m2ts format to MPEG2 using their own converter. I have also added effects and soundtrack.

      This all plays brilliantly in Premiere Pro CS3. But so far I have exported it to AVI and MPEG2 and on both counts the sound is missing completely. My boss is breathing down my neck for the video....

      Any ideas ?

      Thanks... Ian

      p.s. this is my first time doing this...
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Go to my Adobe notes page

          Once there, click the Edit Compressed (MPEG/DIVX/etc) Files link

          There are many links in that section with information and previous discussions of trying (and failing!) to use Premiere to edit MPEG files

          One of those previous discussions may have some ideas to help