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    P2 & CS3.1

      I posted this on the new (now old) forum. After reverting to the original forum, I no longer see my original post. Some of you may be interested in seeing how P2 & CS3.1 will work. Here the site that explains it:


      Here's a demo video:

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          shooternz Level 6
          Viewed the clip. Fanatastic...and if that is the way Adobe have implemented the import process I will be well pleased. It is even easier than FCP and that wasnt too bad at all. Adobe have made it easier still.

          Currently I have been using FCP to bring in the mxfs and then using CS3 to edit them. (as .movs)

          Personally ... I cant wait for this to be released and I am in a state of high excitement.
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            Craig - you have got to learn to control your excitement! You noticed it is a dot release; and you know Adobe never admit their bugs, so, I am excited that the dot release may have addressed some of the other issues and snuck them into this - but, oh yes there is always a but! - maybe I am a dreamer. I just remembered this will be a free upgrade and Adobe never fix bugs for free; but at least with P2 support they are entering the 20th Century; even though it is now the 21st Century!

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              shooternz Level 6
              I'll just keep my legs crossed a little longer so I dont wet myself then....
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                Of course, we aren't privy to how many times Adobe's computer crashed or froze during the taping of this segment. Also, they didn't do any intense editing, layering, etc. But overall, I'm must say, I'm very much encouraged by 3.1 and P2.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  Just saw the clip. I want my HVX200 more than ever!

                  SUCK WIND HDV!!!