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    Audio out of sync after speed change...

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      I thought I'd posted this, but it doesn't appear in the list of subjects, so I'll try again...

      I have a hard limit of 30 minutes for my church's broadcasts on Public Access TV. Some of the sermons, the only part of the service we broadcast, have run over time though usually only by a couple of minutes. I've tried the "simple" fix of right-clicking on the video in the timeline and changing the "Speed/Duration" setting, making sure to click the "Maintain pitch" option. Prior to CS3 this usually worked without problem. Now, with CS3, the audio gets distorted ("fuzzy", like there's another channel added slightly off-phase) and the audio is generally out of sync with the video by as much as a full second.

      Can anyone suggest WHY this is happening and, perhaps more importantly, what steps I can take to fix the audio WHEN it happens?!?!

      Thanks in advance,
      J. Sky 8^)