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    Problems with Using Analog Video

      Does anyone have any incite into this. I am using Production Premium CS3 Educational. I used an analog import device to import video from a VHS tape and save the file to my hard drive. Once I edited the video in Premiere Pro CS3, it looked great! But, then I created a DVD of the footage using Encore CS3. I then previewed the DVD at home at realized that there is periodically a red flash in the video. I then "stepped" through the frames in my DVD player and saw that the red flash is a full frame red color that is maybe about 1 frame in length. I then flipped back to my software to see when it shows up first. The red flash does not show up in Premiere, but when I previewed my DVD in Encore, I then see. I don't know what could cause this.

      My computer is the Dell Inspiron Dual Core e1505 on Windows XP SP2, 512 MB ATI video card, 2 GB RAM. Being that Premiere is setup to handle digital video. Is this caused because the video was from an analog source?

      I wonder if the conversion or encoding to DVD format could have caused it. I am at a loss for words on this one.