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    An observation on network drives

      This is an observation on a problem that has been frustrating me for years.

      For years my home computers have run on a simple network. I have a network drive and on my editing PC I have redirected "my documents" to a folder on that drive.
      After several years of accasional but apparently fatal erros with successive versions of Premiere I have rerached the conclusion that this is where the problem lies.
      Premiere sets up folders, by default, in "my documents" (and I can't find anywhere to alter this default) If for some reason the network is dodgy or the PC can't see the network folder Premiere would crash.
      On CS3 I was have a problem in that I could never save custom workspaces either explicitly or as the last layout whilst working on a project.
      When I reset the location of "my documents" to the default everything came good!
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          Adobe Premiere Pro does allow you to specify the locations of certain folders it needs. For more information, see "Specify scratch disks to improve system performance" and its subtopics:
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            Harm Millaard Level 7
            I also run my PC in a domain on a network and never had any problems in saving workspace layouts on the network drive where My Documents are located. Both in CS2 and CS3. However, My Documents are available off line and automatically synchronized. Maybe that is a difference.
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              Premiere is having problems exporting through the Adobe Meida Encoder to network drives to. I always get "failed to write to drive" error messages from windows just as Premiere's AME finishes exporting the file, and those files never play back.

              I used to have problems saving Illustrator files if they were located on a network drive too.
              Haven't seen that with CS3 yet though.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                >If for some reason the network is dodgy or the PC can't see the network folder Premiere would crash.

                That's why it's a good idea to keep files locally only.
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                  I have the same problem and I have been able to solve it by mapping a network drive (Z:) to the UNC path \\server\share and then redirecting myDocuments using the network drive.

                  I am amazed that a product "Certified Vista" still suffers from similar bugs.
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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    I'm not sure that would solve this problem either, Marc. If the network was down when Premiere was started...
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                      I have had the same problem as I recently moved to PrCS3

                      When I installed a home server I moved My Documents to the network share on our 'FileServer' and discovered that Premiere was NOT saving all of my settings (notably Layouts and Workspaces).

                      Per this thread I remapped my UNC to a Network Drive letter but that did not fix it for me.

                      After much experimentation I had to repatriate the My Documents folder back to my local C:\Drive and all was well
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                        SFL46 Level 3
                        I agree with Marcus. There was a Adobe support note on this.

                        When CS3 is installed, Adobe creates a folder in the "Documents and Settings\user\application data" folder on the ROOT DRIVE named ADOBE\Premiere Pro\3.0 CS3 stores the user preference files in this folder. Have a look, you will note that the files all show a last modified date of the date of your last use of CS3.

                        By default, windows maps "My documents" to "Documents and Settings\user\"

                        If you change the mapping, then the folder will change. However, it appears that CS3 (perhaps all the suite) is hardcoded to READ "Documents and Settings\user\ADOBE\Premiere Pro\3.0" rather than "My documents"

                        Strangely though, when it writes your user prefs, it apparently uses "my documents." This is why your saved preferences never show up on a restart--they weren't saved to the directory CS3 reads on startup. You can confirm this by looking at the file modified dates in both folders.

                        I changed my "my documents" back to the windows default and the problem went away.

                        As for putting any files used in CS3 on a NAS, having a video clip on the NAS can slow down rendering as compared to having the clip on a SATA drive in the PC case. I use the NAS for "offline" storage only and copy whatever assets I need to the RAID array I use for rendering and export files.
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                          SFL46 Level 3
                          As a addendum, There is a utility available on the net called "ShellObject" editor. This tool allows you to create your own shell objects that show up in windows explorer and in the file open/save dialog trees. Although CS3 wanted a fixed location for its user prefs, I hated to lose the ability to have "my documents" point to the NAS (saves routing through the my network places tree). Using the utility, I created a shell object named "MYDOCS" that is mapped to the NAS folder that I want to use.