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    DV goes soft with position change.

      I am currently editing a video in which I am using a letterbox overlay for titles. This crops the top and bottom of my 4:3 video and makes it similar to widescreen. (Only I am using the upper and lower space for text.) Because of this, I frequently need to reposition the video clip underneath the title matte to reframe the image so the content I want in making it through the matte.

      Every time I do this and render, the resulting image is soft. I likewise find the same problem with speed controls. (Even reverse at -100%) While I understand that frame blending occurs and will soften a slowed image, I don't know why repositioning the image impact the quality as much as it does. I looked in the render settings and tried selecting Max Bit Depth (even though this shouldn't effect the sharpness of the image) and it didn't make any difference.

      I can throw all these clips in After Effects and get the desired result, but does anyone know why this is happening and if there is a way to resolve it in Premiere?


      Premiere Pro CS3
      Project Settings: