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    Red Frame in output files

      Hi All - First time poster - Thanks in advance for your help! Hopefully, you'll all be laughing at me cause this one is so simple!

      Here goes: Recording Video on a Sony DCR-DVD505 that outputs MPEG-2 video. I lose audio when importing to Premier Pro CS3 - but figured it had something to do with the consumer nature of the MPEG file, and that seems to be confirmed through previous posts. This isn't a problem for me - I record to Soundbooth with a lavallier mike, and match up video and audio in Premier- and the results are excellent.

      The Audio/Video sequence plays perfectly in the sequence window. I can export in various formats just fine. The problem is, one RED FRAME (covers the entire output screen)appears in the output at the same location each time.

      I've tried various outputs with the same results. Microsoft DV AVI, MSft AVI, Uncompressed, and most options available in the Adobe Media Options.

      Again, the sequence plays great Premier, the problem only occurs when I export.

      With respect to my PC: Running Premier on a Gateway FX530XT, WindowsXP Media Center, Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core Processor, 3.20 GHZ.

      Is this problem linked to the MPEG File? Puzzling that trouble only occurs when I output the file.

      Again - Thanks for your help!
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          That camera is suitable for watching, not for editing. Get a different camera that records to MS DV type 2 AVI or get a different program. While you are at it, consider reverting from WMC to XP.

          If it works up to exporting, why not stay in MPEG2? You will never gain any quality from using MS DV, uncompressed or whatever. The simple GIGO rule applies, Garbage in, garbage out.
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            Hi, I'm a first time poster too and I try to ignore the "answer" Harm Millaard wrote because that answer almost stopped me from writing my first post here.

            I work with a Sony hvr-v1 and I can relate to the problems you described in your post. The red frame seems to be visible after import - not just after export. I guess it is a kind of warning that the last frame(s) of a clip have/has a problem - maybe an mpeg-problem. I don't have a problem with it when I work with Vegas - only in premiere pro cs3. My way to solve that problem is rather easy: don't use the last frame(s) of those clips.

            I also have a problem with the sound in imported mpeg-clips. Sometimes Premier Pro CS3 doesn't recognize the soundtrack in the m2t files. Am I right if I assume you have a problem with every mpeg file?

            Groeten, Miriam
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              Thanks for getting back to me folks - Yes, I have a problem with Sound every time I try to import my Sony MPEG2 into Premier Pro CS3 - again, not an issue, as I'm recording off a mike to Soundbooth anyway.

              I spent some time on the internet, and experimented with a trial 'video cleaner' (on a separate machine so I didn't mess up my production PC. At first they couldn't recognize the Sony MPEG2, and I received a message to download the GPL MPEG-2 decoder - I did, and product worked fine, converting to AVI.

              However, simultaneously, I started looking at my video's within Premier- and realized that not every video has this red frame. It's in fact intermittent. (Actually, I see it only on export from Premier - in the sequence preview, the red frame does not present itself).

              I don't find that it's always at the end - or the beginning, but shows up randomly somewhere in the video - in every 2nd or third video.

              Bottom line Is - I'm sure my issue is related to the MPEG-2 my Sony DCR-DVD505 is producing, because I don't see this when working with original AVI's in premier (negating my PC as a cause).

              Other than this Red frame popping up in every 2nd or third video - the results are pristine for my purposes (640X480 or smaller green screens using Ultra) - so for now, I'll just shoot the scene twice (I can use the practice), take the one without the red frame and save my money for new camera in the future.

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                (C._David_Young) Level 1
                I am having a similar problem when I export to Encore in Blu-ray Mpeg2. Previously I had exported a 1-hour version of this PProCS3 project to Encore using standard DVD and the result was flawless. Then I added some additional footage and exported to Blu-ray Mpeg2. Toward the end of the exported video file there are some red frames and other video dropouts that are not present in the original footage. I am experimenting with other Encore Blu-ray export settings to see if it makes a difference.
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                  I get EXACTLY the same problem, but I CANNOT understand it. That's my eleventh movie and I never get such a problem with Premiere Pro CS2.

                  I usually export in DVD-MPEG format either CBR either VBR. I have 10 tracks. ON several tracks, I get these red frames. I've post many messages in the forums, but nobody helped me...

                  Pleeeeeeease help !
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                    Did you download the latest update? I think it addressed this issue.
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                      Your MPEG settings must match the encore project settings with regard to "non drop frame" and "bottom field first"

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Perhaps the MOD's will move this "zombie thread," from 2007 to the CS 4 & Earlier sub-forum?



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                          silvercity1976 Level 1

                          My prob was with CS6


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