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    After Effects CS3 and Prospect 2K not working

      Has anyone had problems with cineform products in AfterEffects?

      I am using the trial versions of After Effects and Premiere CS3. Prospect and NEO work fine in CS3, but openning a project in After Effects that was created in CS2 resulted in clicking "ok" 85 times to a "file .avi format not supported" error. The weird thing is, it works when I just import a file, but not when I load a project with files in it. It won't load my Cineform or DV files. Weird. I know that Premiere CS3 won't load my MPEG (HDV) files, but it loads my Cineform files just fine, so methinks it is something else.

      If anyone has experience with this or knowledge of it being a trial only bug, I can plow ahead and order my upgrade package. But there's no reason to buy software if its inability to load files renders it totally useless!!
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          Apparently After Effects changed the way it imports AVI files and all they could do for Cineform is suggest that Cineform change the file extension to something else other than AVI.

          One solution is to remove (hide elsewhere) two new files from the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS3\Support Files\(Media Core plug-ins)\en_us directory.

          They are ImporterDirectShow.prm and ImporterAVI.prm

          Then, download this file which has two registry changes. The "On" file allows you to use a different importer, and the "Off" file needs to be run and the two files restored if you need to import DV AVI files. Just extract and put the two files in a directory where you can remember to turn the Cineform importer on and off. I suggest putting them in the same directory where you are hiding the other two files. Copy the two files back, turn off the importer. Delete the two files and turn on the importer. Simple enough, if irritating.

          I expect that Cineform will find a way around this eventually.

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            Thank you thank you thank you!!

            So essentially it's one set of importers for Cineform and another set to use DV. Since I don't have a plethora of different formats on hand, do you know if enabling the Cineform importers will result in the inability to load all other types of video? Or will it impede all other AVI files?

            I've passed my DV files through HD Link so that all my video is cineform , so I should be able to get around needing DV AVI support. I'm more worried about targa sequences, images, photoshop files, and MOV files.

            Again, Thanks very much for your advice and help with this!
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              I believe it is only files with a AVI extension. I just tried to import a DV AVI into a brand new project and I didn't ven get an error message. It just didn't import.

              On the other hand, WMV amd MOV files imported fine. Just something we will have to live with for a while I guess.