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    Premiere CS3 Audio Gain issue

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      My machine at work was just upgraded to Premiere CS3 and I've noticed a couple of issues (bugs?) with it. I'll list them separately to keep things nice and neat. I did a search of both the forums and knowledgebase, but was unable to find what I was looking for.

      When adjusting the volume for an audio clip using Audio Gain, the waveform for that clip is being adjusted as well. If you raise the volume, the waveform gets bigger. If you lower the volume, the waveform gets smaller. This wasn't the case in 1.5 and 2.0. Is there a way to disable this in CS3? Adjusting volume levels of, in my case, music tracks (mp3's, wav's) then trying to edit to the beat is much harder now since the waveform for that clip has been made smaller.

      Thanks in advance for any help you guys might have. :)
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          Don't use Audio Gain then... Use Volume from the effects panel, or the mixer or keyframe the audio using the clip keyframes on the timeline.

          P.S it's not a bug! Make your audio tracks bigger if you cannot see the waveform...
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            That is awesome...I had not even noticed that happening on the waveforms. For all of the previous issues with waveforms redrawing and such, it's nice to see an improvement in that area.

            And yeah, definitely not a bug. Howard's right...your statement alone makes the problem clear when you say you are adjusting volume using audio gain. Audio gain is for input, volume adjusts for output and you are correctly trying to adjust output level but you really ought to use the volume control in the effects tab for that, especially if you intend to increase/decrease volume during the presentation.

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              Well, perhaps I didn't make myself clear. Whenever I import mp3's, the volume level is too high. I generally find that lowering the overall volume level for the mp3 by -15db is just right. Then, of course, if I need to adjust the volume because I have a sot or nat-sound, then I use keyframes. I prefer using Audio Gain to quickly adjust the overall volume for the clip because I can assign it to a key (F12).

              I guess what I'll have to do is adjust the audio level after I make all my edits. :/