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    MOV to DVD editing in premiere and encore

      Hi.. Sometime ago I bought a digital still camera which can also shoot 640x480 30fps quicktime mov files.

      To edit,combine and share the videos I am planning to write them in dvd with premiere pro cs3 and encore cs3. Although I have learned some about these programs I dont know some important preferences of exporting.

      Could someone please answer these questions so I know what I am doing...

      1. When starting a new project or exporting to encore to make mpeg-2 DVD what should I select in field order...Lower, upper or no fields (progressive scan)?

      2. Likewise is my source video coming from camera as quicktime mov interlaced or non-interlaced? If it is non-interlaced it would be ridiculous to de-interlace, right? Although I used gspot to understand that I couldnt get any information about that issue

      3. When I compare my source movie and output DVD I find that quicktime movie is a little bit sharper than DVD output in my computer. Is this normal or should I sharpen it a little in premiere pro before outputting to encore?

      4. As I can edit in premiere and export as mpeg-2 I dont need any other quicktime codec, do I?

      This is the result I got from gspot


      Thanks for the replies.