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    P2 /MXF support....fabulous.

    shooternz Level 6
      CS3 Mac

      I am over the moon with the Update.

      P2 / MXF support works brilliantly and the importation of the clips is so easy.

      Far superior in most ways than the way mxf import is handled in FCP except one seems to be obliged to import audio whether clip has audio or not. In FCP you can select to NOT import audio. This would have made it perfect for me had that been also implimented by Adobe Premiere in this update.
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          Premiere crashed the first time I imported material.

          But could be a number of things though...
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            shooternz Level 6
            I just dragged the mxfs from the Contents/Video folder into the project bin. Schweet.
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              Yeah it works nicely now.

              I'd have to compare it to my Cineform project but it will take a while to edit something this big again. Even with a big project file Premiere is not slow.

              How is it different to FCP? I mean it can't be different can it? Does anybody know if anything else was fixed?
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                Colin Brougham Level 6
                FCP, as far as I'm aware, does not offer native MXF support yet... meaning, you can't just pull the MXF clips into a bin and start editing. You have to go through a process of rewrapping the files in a MOV wrapper. The data is not changed or recompressed--the files just get copied and have an MOV extension added. This might have changed with the recent FCP6, but I'm not sure. FCP has been able to edit P2 footage for some time now, it's just that you've had to go through this rewrap process, which is a little space- and time-consuming. More seasoned FCP folks, please correct me.

                I'd like to see a fix list, as well. My initial impression was that general, overall "snapiness" of the program was improved--moving about the timeline just had the feeling of being more responsive. That's entirely subject, of course...
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                  Hi, first time post on here, and first time owner of Premiere CS3.

                  Does anybody know when support for the P2 format will be available for the Windows version of CS3 ... ?

                  The press release I've seen simply says October, but is no more specific.

                  Thanks !
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                    Harm Millaard Level 7
                    Contact Adobe and ask them. This is a user-to-user forum.
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                      Colin Brougham Level 6
                      It's here. It's now. It's available for download. Open PPro, click on "Help", then click on "Updates". The Adobe update utility will launch, and you can check for updates. It'll say "one update available" (or, possibly more if you haven't run this utility yet), so just hit go and it'll download. You're in business...
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                        Adobe Premiere Pro Help on the web has also been updated with instructions for working with P2 media. For example, see the importing instructions here.
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                          shooternz Level 6
                          @ Colin B

                          FCP (FC Studio 2 vers) imports mxf through a simple process called 'Log and Transfer'. The benefits of this is there is an option to import the audio or not to import the audio. This is cool and I wish Adobe had this option. (I shoot a lot of product shots that have no audio for example, but I still have to wait for Premiere to conformn the tracks)

                          In FCP you can play the mxfs from the Log and Transfer bin and select the ones that you wish to import. As they import they are instantly "re wrapped" with a mov extension. This is quite cool because if you have a workflow such as mine it means you have archive mxfs left on your external drive and the movs on the internal drive ready for editing.

                          The audio thing with Premiere is a litle bit of an issue (for me)because each clip has multiple audio tracks. ie. Two stereo and two redundant others. That takes up four audio tracks on the timeline that need to be dealt with. (Time consuming/tedious)

                          In saying all the above...I am happy with Premiere P2 support because it is my preferred NLE by a country mile and I can workaround the mxf workflow easily.
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                            Under Preferences > Audio you can set the Source Channel Mapping to Stereo, and the audio comes into the timeline as two stereo clips. Not perfect, but a bit better. Of course, you'll want to set your default sequence in the Project Settings to stereo instead of 4 monos.
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                              And of course if you don't need the audio at all, you can cut the clip into the timeline from the Source monitor without audio -- just click the Toggle Take Audio and Video button in the lower right of the Source monitor.
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                                Colin Brougham Level 6

                                Thanks for the correction! Like I said, my last P2+FCP experience involved a lengthy copy and rewrap process. It sounds like what FCP is doing now is creating QT reference files of each MXF clip. That's a a lot better (and faster) than copy/rewrapping... but I still contend that that's not native :) I want to work with fewer files, not more--that's why I've moved from Avid to PPro. With Avid, importing a clip, like a MOV with alpha, results in a new MXF file being created on the media drive. In some respects, it makes media management easier, but you also end up with double the amount of media--blech. I really do like Adobe's implementation of file import and MXF support.

                                I do agree that the Log and Transfer window is kind of cool--I did use that in FCP5. However, I'm wondering if once Adobe updates Bridge to show MXF clips, if it couldn't be used in much the same way. That would be helpful... though at present I think you can achieve much the same result by importing all the clips, and then flipping to thumbnail mode. You could select the ones you don't want and delete their references. Maybe one step more, but nothing overwhelming, I think.

                                RE: importing without audio: Did you happen to try importing just the video MXFs, either through the Import dialog, or just by drag-n-dropping them into the bin? I'm going to test this in a few, myself. Mike might be onto something with the Source Channel Mappings options--I seem to remember the capability in there to disassociate audio from a video clip. It's funny though--in Adobe's attempt to make our lives easier by not having to even think about importing the audio, they neglected to give users an easy way NOT to do that :)

                                I do happen to agree, as well, that audio handling in both clips and sequences in PPro is a weird bone of contention. In some respects, I think you have a lot of capability with the way PPro handles audio. However, it never ceases to annoy me that I can't create a sequence without an audio track, and that if I nest a sequence that has no audio clips, the nested sequence comes in with an audio clip placeholder. Dumb.

                                Anyway, enough rambling. I like opening a discourse about this however... I think it'll generate good ideas the hopefully Adobe can implement in future revisions of the software. In the meantime, though, I'm pretty impressed with the implementation of MXF editing. Cut away!
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                                  thank you... UPDATES was greyed out on my version, presumably as I don't have admin rights... but sorted now. thanks !
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                                    shooternz Level 6
                                    @ Colin

                                    YOu may already have discovered by now with your test that the way to import mxf into Premiee is by using the files in the Video Folder. In Premiere this sucks in the audio at the same time.

                                    The mxfs do play in the project window monitor (in Premiere). Thats really cool and there is no need for Bridge to resolve this issue.


                                    I will look into the audio remmapping suggestions but I am not sure that really resolves it.

                                    Hopefully though the answer may lie here.
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                                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                                      Yeah, after I posted last, I did indeed find what you found. I think this line is funny in the PPro information about P2 import:

                                      "To import video content and its associated audio content, select the MXF files from the VIDEO folder. To import only the audio content, select the MXF files from the AUDIO folder."

                                      Soooo... you can bring in video and audio together very easily. You can bring in audio only very easily. But video only? No dice!

                                      However, I did discover that the audio remapping feature may be your solution. Once your AV clips are imported--and assuming you want only video to work with--select all the clips and enable audio remapping (it's under Clip > Audio Options > Source Channel Mapping). Then, in the pane on the right, simply uncheck all the audio tracks. Now, when you go back to your project, all the clips will still show as AV clip (speaker and filmstrip icon), but you can load them in the Source monitor or drag them into the Timeline and only the video track will be enabled. They're fundamentally video-only clips at that point. What's extra cool is you can still individually re-enable audio for clips that you might need it for, without having to separately import the assets and sync them up later.

                                      As Mike suggested, you can easily create a project preset that uses two stereo tracks instead of four mono tracks. Then, in your program preferences, you can set up default handlings for mono and stereo sources. I might do this, as I think it makes working in the timeline a little neater.
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                                        shooternz Level 6
                                        Thanx Colin.

                                        I will work through the audio thing.

                                        Basically I just want two tracks of Audio as the Recordist or the studio gives them to me ( mono or stereo no matter to me) . I just do not want to deal with all FOUR tracks from P2 /mxf. Good news is that it seems sortable.

                                        I generally just need the audio from clips that have audio (eg synch performance clips) but it would be great to not have to endure sorting and conforming clips (eg from packshots) that do not have any associated audio (eg mute / MOS)
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                                          I am trying to take my Ppro project (with mxf media) and open the project in AE CS3. No Dice... any word on support for After Effects?
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                                            It was announced that it should be available by the end of the year...