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    Transitions didn't come back.

      I am working on a project now that has me stumped. I am new to this video stuff by the way so forgive me if I am asking a stupid question. I own Production Premium CS3. I used the "cube" transition and the "slide" transition in my Premiere project file. I opened up my Premiere project file in After Effects and made color corrections to the composition. I then used Dynamic Link to bring that composition into back into Premiere. I then previewed the comp in Premiere and realized I didn't see the transitions. In After Effects, the transitions showed up as solids. I guess I was supposed to do something with them. :-) But, I don't know. What did I do wrong that stopped my transitions from working once the file came back into Premiere.

      I am using a laptop with 2GBs of RAM, Windows XP sp2.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Can you Dynamic Link a Premiere project in AE back into Premiere? I always thought the DL feature was more for clip level work.
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            TradeWind Level 3
            Sure...make a project in premiere, do all the sequencing and cuts you like, import into after effects, do all your jazz and then import the comps back into your premiere project.

            Fun :)
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              That's not DL though.

              For a DL situation, you would have to start the Dynamically Linked Comp from within Premiere. It seems strange that you would then be able to import that same project into the DL'd AE comp and have things work when going back to Premiere. It's kind of like the cartoon vacuum sucking itself into infinity.
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                TradeWind Level 3
                ??? Not DL? When you import an AE comp and the little green chain link appears on the asset icon in PPro, it's Dynamic Link. When your updates to the original comp in AE are reflected in PPro, that's Dynamic Link.

                So long as you have Dynamic Link on your system (Prod Studio Premium or Prod Premium CS3) your compositions are dynamically linked when you import them into PPro. It is not a requirement that a composition be initiated from within PPro.

                Not so hard to understand really...when you import PPro projects into AE, there is no link whatsoever created between your AE project and the PPro project you just imported. None...it's just assets in AE at that point, and so going back to PPro is identical from then on to initiating the work inside AE in the first place.

                So when you take the sequences and fiddle with 'em in AE and are ready to render, you may say to yourself "Self, I really want to take these comps into PPro and render these as part of a larger work." Cool...at that point, just open up (or create) your PPro project and go to File > Dynamic Link > Import AE Comp... and you're good.

                Give it a shot...DL=Dynamic Link, little green chain icons like money in your pocket.
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                  Good info y'all. But, has anyone experienced the problem I'm having. I understand how Dynamic Link works - and I love it. But, everything that goes over to AE from Premiere does not make it back into Premiere once you Dynamic Link/import back into Premiere from AE. Try it yourself. I had a short clip (about a two minutes long). I added the "cube" transition and the "slide" transition to the clip while in Premiere Pro. I then opened up my Premiere file in AE. I did my color corrections. Then brought the file back into Premiere using Dynamic Link. Neither of those two transitions were present in the movie clip. I don't know what happened. Now the "cross dissolve" transition was ok. It was still there. Someone let me know if I can fix this.
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                    TradeWind Level 3
                    Unfortunately, you are correct. Ever since AE was first able to import PPro projects, there have been a variety of things - effects and transitions chief among them - that have been known not to transfer.

                    This isn't a bug or really even a "known issue." It's discussed in the user manual for both PPro and AE. There you'll find a list of the items that DO translate from PPro to AE.
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                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                      A couple of points, Christian.

                      First, Carlos is saying that all imports fine from Premiere over to AE, so that seems not to be the issue for his project, despite manual warnings. His problem is that some things don't come back to Premiere from AE.

                      Second, the point I was trying to make is that I'm not surprised it doesn't work, given the seemingly endless loop created by trying. Project A (Premiere) is loaded into Project B (AE) which is then loaded back into Project A. Project A is essentially trying to import itself. Think also of a snake eating it's own tail. It can never finish.
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                        TradeWind Level 3
                        From Carlos' original post: "In After Effects, the transitions showed up as solids." So...no, not everything imports into AE properly. This is documented in the help manuals.

                        On your second point....I have no idea what you intended with your statement, I just read where you said "It seems strange that you would then be able to import that same project into the DL'd AE comp and have things work when going back to Premiere" and thought that you were doubting it would work. Thought I'd clarify for the rest of the viewers in the forum that this snake works differently. :)

                        Really though, the snake analogy doesn't really apply here since a Premiere project imported into After Effects ceases to be a Premiere Project at that point and is converted into After Effects bits and pieces. Nothing done in After Effects has any bearing upon the original Premiere Pro project after you import.

                        Snake eating it's tail would be creating an AE comp, importing it to PPro, using it in a sequence and then importing that new PPro project back into the original AE project with the original comp. At that point, it's just being handled as a pre-comp (to use AE terminology) and is back to the whole thing about AE converting PPro projects upon import.