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    Sony GV-HD700 HD Video Walkman

      Sony's relatively new offering, the GV-HD700, looks like it might make a good feeder deck for editing HDV/DV. Has anyone had an opportunity to road test this unit? Thoughts/Comments?
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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee
          Ron: My experience with previous generation DV walkmans is that they work perfectly as feeders, but the mechanism (which really is consumer grade) simply can't stand the wear. I have a ruined GVD-300 in my desk that broke a few times until it was damaged beyond repair. Just from normal use. DSR-11s DVCAM decks didn't exist at the time, but every unit I used since then seems to keep going like Duracell rabits. These things are designed for business/medical presentations, rather than being controlled remotely by a computer all day. When Sony puts a pro label on a deck, even if the features are similar, it simply is way more robust. And it may be less expensive in the long run.
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            Much appreciate your comments. For the extra few hundred dollars the HVR-M15U sounds like it would much better handle the "long haul".