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    Recommendations on Analog to Digital Converter

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      First I want to say that many people recommend the "pass-through" feature of many MiniDV cameras. Mine does not have that feature. :-( I am using ADS Tech CapWiz Xpress DX2. It is a fine hardware/software program with the record to hard drive feature. But, it records in MPEG-2, which caused me to have those "red frames" show up in my video. I am using Premiere Pro to edit my video. I do have the option of saving the file as MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 (Divx). But, I'm not sure if I will have the same problem saving in one of those other file types. If that is not a good solution. What other Analog to Digital converters do you recommend for me. I don't want to buy another digital camera. But, a device that I can place between my VCR and laptop that does the job would be great. I prefer a device that can import and save files as the same type that Premiere saves to after "capturing" footage from a digital device. Anything from "Pinnacle" won't work. It won't install on my laptop for some reason.

      I am using Windows XP sp2, Duo Core processor, 2GB RAM, Production Premium CS3.