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    Apply effect to just PART of a clip

      Hello fellow editors,

      I'm new to this product, so bear with me.

      I have a clip which is about 30 seconds long. The first 10 seconds are fine, but the last 20 are a little overexposed, so I want to apply some affects to them. But when I apply effects, they apply to the whole clip. I don't see how I can affect just part of the clip.

      I started to read about subclips, but I don't seem to be able to create a subclip.

      What do I do?

      Do I just apply the clip twice, and hope that it blends without interruption? That seems like a long shot.

      If any of you know the answer, I'd appreciate it!

      Not sure if this should be posted in the general discussion or Windows area, so I'm posting in both. If that's incorrect, I apologize in advance.


      Dan Jablons