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    HDV to DVD downconverting looks terrible; best workflow??

      Hi all,

      I'm at wits end because I've tried so many variations of workflow, and nothing produces the kind of results I was expecting. I'm editing in native HDV, normally export to HD H.264 and it looks wonderful. But for some projects I want to also do a downconverted DVD version. I have searched a lot on this, and seen some prior suggestions, but they still didn't produce great results for me.

      I first tried the export to DVD/Encore option in CS3, that being the simplest route. I chose a high bitrate (2-pass vbr encoding, about 7-8mbps), brought it into Encore, and expected a nice-looking result. The resulting video was poor, very soft. I experimented with lower field first, upper field first, and progressive, as well as higher bitrates, nothing really helped.

      Then I found a suggestion that some people swear by - exporting your HDV timeline to an AVI (cineform, lagarith, etc) at 1920x1080, then creating a new DV 720x480 project in PPro CS3, importing that avi, and rescaling it to fit frame in Premiere. Then output that to a DVD-standard MPEG2 file or into Encore.

      Tried that, still mucky results.

      I've even tried using my 1920x1080 30mbps H.264 masters, bringing them into Procoder, and converting there to standard DVD format MPEG2. It was better, but still not the degree of sharpness I am expecting from downconverted HDV sources.

      So could anyone here please share what workflow has worked the best for you, to produce the best-looking HDV-sourced DVDs? Thanks!