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    Capture quit working

      You just never know from day to day if Premier will work. Last Friday, it stopped capturing, I started to capture than it stopped after 2 minutes, in both the tape capture mode as well as the batch capture mode. So here I go again... completely uninstalling and re-installing CS3 (for about ... really ... the 10th time)
      Yes "the abort capture if dropped frames is unchecked". I've tried capture to two different SATA II hard drives.... capture stops after about 2 minutes. This problem started after I installed the CS3 update.

      I am going to completely remove CS2 and CS3, and than re-install only CS3... hopefully, so I can get back to editing and making money...not spending HOURS trying to get Premier to work.

      Is there a location on Adobe's site that lists potential hardware problems such as "if you have a NVIDIA chipset, you might have this problem"?

      AMD Athlon 4x4 (Dual processor Quad Core) 2 GB DDR2 RAM, WIN XP Pro, 6 each SATA 2 hard drives (2,620 GB storage)