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    Some Clips Not Playing on the Timeline?

      Hello Everyone :-)

      I just installed Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. I still have PPro 2 installed for compatibility with past projects and because I have things like SteadyMove that I want to use from time to time.

      I have a few clips on my timeline. Most of them play fine, but this one doesn't play at all. It plays through as I scrub, but when I play the timeline, this clip freezes the frame. The marker moves and the audio plays, but the video just sits on the beginning frame.

      The other clips play fine if I start on them, but if I start on this clip in question, the other clips won't play either until I stop, and move past the frozen clip.

      This clip is an AVI that I created in AE originally. I painted out oil spots in a parking lot. If it just came in from AE I could see how it might choke Premiere, but it was rendered out as an AVI, do it shouldn't matter how it was created???

      The same clip still plays fine in PPro2...

      Any Ideas?

      Thanks in advance!