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    DVCPro HD 60P in a 24P timeline (From HPX 500 /  P2card)

      I've been playing with the new DVCProHD features in CS3.1, and I am wondering if there is a way to actually bring full 60P footage in a 24P timeline to slow it down.

      From what I read in the project settings, it doesn't seem possible. Although it reads 59.94 in the project manager, when its duration is increased, it just starts interpolating just as 24P footage (Sure looks better than it did in PP2, but definitely not 60P :-). In a 60P timeline, that issue is obviously not there.

      I know Panasonic has been offering a frame rate converter for FCP to resolve that exact issue. Are we stuck until a Windows version is out (if ever)? Does anyone have a work around?

      I also noticed that we can't export a 720/60P DVCPro sequence to 24P in WMV HD and expect good results? I tried unconstrained at 20 Megs/s average with not luck...