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    Performance problems with large amounts of files

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      I have 13 one hour tapes from a sony FX-1 HDV camera.
      After capturing the tapes in Premiere I had sync problems so I gradually recaptured the tapes with HDV Split. This program automatically makes a separate file for each scene, creating about 100 files for each one hour tape.

      This fixes the sync problem but I noticed that Premiere is taking longer and longer to load the project file as I am adding these new clips to the project.

      Now, with about 5 tapes captured (about 500 clips), it takes premiere an abnocious 15 minutes to load the project! This load time has increased every time I add new captured clips.

      Also, when you go to another program and Premiere loses focus, when you come back, Premiere gets an hourglass cursor and is in lala land for a couple minutes.

      I noticed that Premiere recognizes when a file in your project changes. Is premiere going thru every one of the clips in the project when it loses/regains focus in an attempt to keep itself up to date?
      How do I disable that?

      I have the latest version of Premiere and my machine is up to spec.

      Anyone have any ideas? Is Premiere just not powerful enough to work with more than 100 clips?