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    RoboHelp in Lotus Notes Applications

      Probably a basic question - - but in my world extemely important. I'm in the process of evaluating RoboHelp 7 for possible purchase for my company. We want to use it as a help application for four of our Lotus Notes-based applications. Does RoboHelp work with Lotus Notes? What I see in the documentation is - - "WebHelp is a Adobe output type that is designed for authors who want to be sure that end users can view their web-based or desktop application Help on virtually any browser and platform." It doesn't really come out and say, "Yes, RoboHelp works with Lotus Notes appliocations."

      Any insight?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi brileni.

          First off let me quantify that I am not a Lotus Notes developer. That said, all RH does is produce your help output.

          I'd have thought that as long as you point your application at the appropriate file it will open. What I am less sure about (and I guess is the point of your post) is whether the help opens inside your Notes window. I'm not sure, but if it doesn't then I don't think this is a RH specific issue. It would apply to any non-Lotus Notes help authoring tool.

          Why not create a small RH help file - just a couple of topics - and see if you can get Lotus Notes to call it.
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            brileni Level 1
            Thanks - am in the process of having my IT people try a demo with RH and a Lotus Notes application. I'll follow-up if it's successful.
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              HKabaker Level 2
              Domino developers I worked with hadn't the foggiest notion what to do with WebHelp files, but they did know how to call external html files stored in a Web environment.

              Our solution: I published WebHelp to a company Intranet server. The "Help" link on the Lotus Notes page pointed to the appropriate help topic, in a format like these:

              ... (Intranet URL path)/helplaunchfile.htm
              A separate IE browser window opens to the default topic.
              ... (Intranet URL path)/helplaunchfile.htm#topicA.htm
              A separate IE browser window opens with Topic A displayed.

              Sadly, our Notes developers didn't know how to test whether help was already open, so each new call opens a new window. The user can browse through help files, but must close the window before going back to the Notes application to avoid piling up a lot of help windows.

              Best solution is to convert those Notes applications to a Web-based approach, in my opinion. That doesn't go over real big with Domino developers.

              Please report back on your solution.