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    Expert response needed - working with velocity effects

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      Forgive me if this is a simple thing but I'm a self taught Premiere User and I just can't seem to get the hang of this.

      How do the two sections work under the triangles on each effect. One has no name but has the upper and lower limits of the effect and the other is velocity. FOr instance I am making an image flip over so I've got a clip that I've added 3D effect to and quickly go from o to 90 degrees. On the next clip I take it from -90 to 90 again (I want the image to flip over and then continue spinning around). So I've got all that but now I want it to flip over fast initially (as in the previous clip) and then slow down as it continues spinning.

      I've tried using the handles on the rubberband and using the bezier curves but I notice there are numbers under the triangles and so maybe there is a more precise and simpler way than how I'm trying. Plus when I make my curves to large it makes the spin have too many revolutions. I only want one.

      Hope this makes sense.