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    Control Surface Support?

      Premiere Pro doesn't look like it has support for control surfaces. I have a Tascam FW-1082 firewire control surface that works with final cuts color controls and other effects as well as having a jog wheel and play/stop controls handy. I was just hoping to find out if there is a way that I would be able to use it within Premiere and after effects. Or try to get adobe to put in support for these kind of devices into Premiere and their other video/animation programs without another major upgrade.
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          Premiere doesn't support any control surfaces natively. I have a Contour Design Shuttle Pro (pretty low end) that works great with Premiere Pro though. It's going to be up to the control surface manufacturer to provide compatibility.

          Surfaces that emulate Mackie control work in Audition, but sadly not in Premiere. Sounds like an excellent feature request though: http://www.adobe.com/support/feature.html.
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            I've been asking (begging and pleading) for this since version 6.

            Historically you will find posts about this going back awhile as well.

            I end up doing my audio post levels in other apps that support control surfaces but it would make my work flow so much easier if I could do this in Premiere itself.

            I take it CS3 doesn't add support for it as well?
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              nope it didnt
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                No not as of yet that I've found. Adobe's Audition has support for control surfaces via Mackie control emulation I think but being mainly a mac user for my audio and video production studio sadly Audition is a windows only program. It is a sad thought to see that Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore and Soundbooth didn't include support for control surfaces in anyway that I have yet to find and I would have thought it would have been something Adobe would have thought to support. Like Apple's Final Cut studio, Motion, Soundtrack, Logic Pro and Express have support for control surfaces but sadly Final Cut Express doesn't.

                You would think Adobe would have seen the potential use for products like this with play and stop buttons, jog/shuttle wheels, knobs and powered sliders that can be used for anything from color and transition fades so you can control a transition or control other effects with a slider or knob in real time and have the program record what you do on the surface within Premiere Pro After Effects to Sound levels and fades in Soundbooth, to just the immense usefulness of a jog/shuttle wheel to quickly jump threw a time line.