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    Speeding up/slowing down audio gradually

      I've just started using Premier CS3 and though it was very hard going at first, I'm gradually getting to grips with it. I do have one problem that at first I thought would be easy to overcome, however it's proving to be a bit of a hair puller. I did a quick search of these forums but couldn't see any mention of it.

      I have a small 3 minute clip, accompanied by some music. There's no speech. What I want to know is if it is possible for me to vary the speed of the audio track. I don't just mean select a portion of the audio clip and say increase the speed by 10% or whatever; that's simple enough to do I know. What I want to do is say at the 30 second mark, start gradually increasing the audio speed so that maybe 30 seconds later the speed has increased by 40% I'd also like to do the reverse i.e. slow down the speed gradually as well.

      I want the audio speed to be independent of the video clip, so of course I have unlinked them.

      Is this possible in Premier?