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    You saved me before...A quality question

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      I finally got my DVD made! BUT...I swear you can see every pixel on the screen. If a man has white hair, there are white pixels all around his head. Movements look like a blur of disorganized pixels, even stationary posters on the wall have their color pixels way past their borders. Jpegs look great, titles that move do not. I went over all the quality questions I could find on here, but most of them just confirmed I am in way over my head. I can not seem to change any of the settings, not the bit rate or anything else that would seem to effect the quality. I have my project set up as a DV NSTC, I did the Adobe encoder on high quality.
      For an extreme newbie with a very important project due...does anyone have any tips???

      PS...My footage came from a DVD recorder.