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    Totally tapeless workflow  - woo hoo...

    shooternz Level 6
      I have now a fully developed and tested workflow that is totally Tapeless. ie P2 shoot and edit through to broadcast delivery.

      My work is TVCs mainly and up to now I have always had some tape component in my workflow. eg delivery of submaster from my suites to Post house for audio work and/or mastering and Station Dubbs.

      HD 16:9 anamorphic and 4:3 SD now figures largely in my production and obviously I needed a "delivery method". (SD was easy via DV tapes but HD output and delivery was another issue and we had resorted to seq. frames)

      We are now delivering final submasters as files (.mov or .avi) to our post house and they are Mastering via Decklink Kona Card . Perfect. We create the files as export movies from the timelines (eg SD projects or HD 16:9 anamorphic projects) Too easy. Thanx to Premiere we can even deliver on P2 if we wish.

      This all means we can output at the highest level and quality (totally lossless through the post process). ie 4:2:2 , HD, any codec eg ProRes etc...

      The post house in turn is also delivering to station tapeless via EBUS (Adstream Servers).