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    Rip DVD

      Hi all,

      I need to rip a DVD I got from a client so that I can edit it in aftereffects or premiere. I am using the CS 3 suite.
      Can I use Premiere to do that ?


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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Ripping DVD files rarely results in success in Premiere

            Go to my notes page http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM

            Click the internal link for editing compressed files... read

            There are other products better suited to your task
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              So, you'd better convert DVD's to HD videos in Premiere Pro for edit.


              That is a sure way to dramatically reduce the already compromised quality to an even greater degree, making the end result completely unwatchable.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >convert DVD's to HD videos


                Since a DVD is, by specification, Standard Definition video... why would you tell someone to try and convert SD video to HD video?

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                  sync2rhythm Level 1

                  I wonder if the OP figured it all out within the 2yrs since the OP?


                  Sony Vegas has this as a feature.

                  It simply looks at the DVD as if it were a HardDrive and allows you to import it. -This feature may be a Sony thing since they also make those cameras that record to DVD.

                  You can then Render it out as whatever format/CoDec you'd like for editing in Premiere or whatever. You can create 'Regions' on your timeline and Vegas will Batch Render these Regions to individual files if need be or just Render out the whole thing in one big chunk. (Premiere needs this)

                  If it is Right Protected you'll need something like AnyDVD running alongside.


                  Although my day to day edits are done using the CS4 Suite, I keep Sony Vegas close by for things such as this... plus other things.

                  You can download a fully functional 30Day copy from SonyCreativeSoftware.com and give it a go if anyone has the need to do the DVD Import thing.

                  If it's something you do often... Vegas may be worth the investment. It's an excellent compliment to my workflow.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    As of PrPro CS4.2, 100% DVD-compliant (very important) VOB's can be Imported and edited. To date, no one has reported any issue with a DVD-Video created with a program like Encore. Now, there are many reports of issues, with DVD-Videos from DVR's, some mini-DVD cameras, and many lower-level authoring programs. Most of this is due to the Menus and navigation in the first VOB, and these not being 100% DVD-compliant.


                    Not meant to dis Vegas, as many sing its praises, just to point out an addition to PrPro, as of CS4.2. BTW - I have several NLE's, besides PrPro, and use them, just as you use Vegas. It just happens to be one that I do not have.