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    Best way to combine HDV & DV footage into the same project

      I'm about to edit a new project that is sourced from 75% HDV footage (1440X1080) and 25% DV(720X576) footage. I'll be outputting the final result as a widescreen 16:9 DVD initially, but I also want to do a HD-BluRay later on.

      What is the best way to upscale the DV footage so that it will render at the same scale as the HDV footage? My initial attempts involved setting up a 1080i25 HDV project, and importing the HDV & DV clips into that, thinking that when I did the render it would upsize the DV clips, but it doesn't seem to do it. Would I be better off creating the DVD in reverse by downscaling the HDV footage, and creating a 16:9 DV project instead.

      Any suggestions gratefully received?