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    Old film look

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      Hi all,

      Has anyone created a combination of effects that can make the film look old and grainy/scratchy (kind of like what MovieMaker has). I have already used posterize time to give it the film loom. Now I'd like to make it look old.

      I appreciate any ideas or already created combinations as it will save me the time fiddling around.

      Many thanks.
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            How "old" do you want the footage to look? Going back many generations, besides grain, scratches, etc., you might want to go for a vignetted look, mimicking the ancient cine lenses, which usually had major light falloff at the corners. Also, you might want to study some of the early Technicolor footage, to see the higher contrast, more staturated color, that this process produced - or, maybe look the other direction for a B/W image with a "sepia" toned look.

            I do not know what might be available as a plug-in for PP, but some add-on filter makers, like Eye Candy (nee Alien Software) do offer some of their filters for AE.

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              shooternz Level 6
              Fiddle around a bit - plug ins dont solve everything - get creative.

              How about B&W,gate weave, overlay some scratches and dust, C.C, levels, tint, noise,... its endless but you may have to make some effort.
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                Isn't gate weave a plug-in in itself. I don't have that effect.

                Sorry if this is also a dumb question but what is C.C? (color correction?)