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    Error When Opening

      I am on a PC with Windows XP Home Edition. I downloaded Premiere CS3 as a trial when it first came out. I then installed the Master Collection on my computer. After that, I tried opening Premiere, and it didn't work. Then, I uninstalled the trial Premiere and reinstalled the actual version from the Master Collection dvd, and now when I open Premiere, I get this message:

      Entry Point Not Found

      The procedure entry point
      ?IsSyncWindowActivationEnabled@OS_workspae@workspace@dvaworkspace@@UAE_NXZ in the dynamic link library dvaworkspace.dll

      ... and then comes another message:

      LoadLibraryEx startup.dll failed with error 127: The specified procedure could not be found.

      Once I click ok to that, nothing happens and Premiere does not open up.

      What should I do? I really need this to work SOON!!!!